ca. 2013-2018, on a mountain habitat in Los Angeles

  1. Telas y Rayas (Triple Floral)
  2. Tarp and Other Colors
  3. Flor y Cielo
  4. Codex 1: "Manifest Landmarks in Theory Transfigure When the Foundational Underplates Making Their Very Existence Possible Shifts Upward" - Chela Sandoval
  5. Blue Dawn
  6. The Softest Dream Room 3
  7. L.A. Cosmology Floor Mat
  8. Ghost Grass
  9. Old Bones
  10. Pacha-Montaña
  11. Pedagogical Poster: Educación
  12. The Mountain Moved the Day You Were Born
  13. Pedagogical Poster: Ecología
  14. Dry Hill
  15. Installation View: Decolonizing Education Banner for "The Love in Our Belly"
  16. Native Grasses and Our Naked Bodies
  17. Pedagogical Poster: Aesthetics
  18. Saltbush and Portal, Kitchen and Studio
  19. Community: Ecosystem
  20. The New Ones We Weave with the Old Ones
  21. Song Before Harvest (Mexican Pine, Mugwort, Coast Live Oak)
  22. Song of Wonder for Pozo Blue