Sarita Dougherty maps cosmologies to guide the rehabilitation of ethnoecological systems in the city and the intuitive connectivity of human beings. Her home is the departure point for her practice; installed in-situ to reflect eco-womanism and aesthetic bliss. Soil, color, pattern and light are transferred through paint onto paper or board to document identity in place. She collaborates with cohorts of teachers, activists and artists to generate decolonizing performances, protest banners, and healing workshops.

Sarita teaches “Cosmology as Creative Practice” and “Liberatory Lines: Drawing to Transform the Self and Society” at the University of Redlands, and Foundations of Art at Cypress College. In 2012 she received her MFA from UCLA and is a 2020 DIY PhD candidate with the Postnational Department of Transcultural Youth. She is a student of Olivia Chumacero, an indi-genius steward of the earth, her systems, plant communication and native habitat restoration teaching “Everything is Medicine.” Raised in the South with Bolivian and Cajun roots, Sarita currently lives and works on and off the grid with her family at a mountain habitat in Yangna (Los Angeles).


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