Group exhibition featuring work by
Sarah Dougherty, Jorge Espinosa, EJ Hill, 
Bessie Kunath, Patricio Morales, and Jenny Yurshansky

Organized by Iris Y. Hu
with generous support from David Bell and Emily Anne Kuriyama

June 19 – July 12
Opening Reception – June 19 from 7–11 PM 
DAVE Gallery
435 S. Broadway


Dear Reader,

The following is an attempt to solidify my memory of the community that raised me.

The artists in I Know Everything represent relationships I would like to see more of in the world: relationships that are rooted in art, and based on generosity, love, compassion, and freedom. I think of Sarita, Jenny, Patricio, EJ, Bessie, Jorge, David, and Emi being the Los Angeles I know and love, and will continue to admire from afar. They’re friends, teachers, guides, lovers, thinkers, and space cadets all at the same time. They’re artists responding to a map delineated by a pecking order of power and a long history of erasure.

When I think of Los Angeles, I see people of color and our allies actively solving the problems of the world—together. It is about unpacking “everyone else” against the backdrop of the privileged. Of course, these two worlds aren’t mutually exclusive; I fluctuate between social classes as an artist and a child of middle-class immigrants almost all the time. Los Angeles is keeping the immigrant imagination real, like Jenny’s research of Southern California’s migration histories through mapping the region’s native and invasive plants. Los Angeles is Jorge using sound as an apparatus of power to remind us of its omnipresence in a seemingly diverse, yet intensely segregated city. Los Angeles is Patricio using seemingly harmless materials to publicly intervene in your personal space. EJ’s softly textured paintings are Los Angeles in that they serve as an escape from his taxing performances, which address boundaries placed on certain bodies. It is the reclamation of our space and freedom with our work, while remembering that collective agency is still a long road ahead.

Within this complex ecology, there’s a lot of love. Los Angeles is spending time in Sarita’s home documenting our identities with care and paint. Los Angeles is the Tongva, the ancestors of our land, keeping our spirits alive. It is a nurturing place of sensitivity and personal liberation, like Bessie’s dedication to her sculptures, whose personalities are humble, clumsy, and perfect all at the same time. It is the joyful and careful collecting of treasure that was once debris.

Los Angeles is spending the last four years with David and Emi, separately, and all together for the first time last week. It’s a place where friends become family members, for better or worse. It’s being nurtured and challenged at the same time, asking for attention and forgiveness in the same sentence, while dropping too much dough on expensive artisan coffee in gentrified spaces. It’s speaking English, 中文, and Español in the same sentence, keeping my privileges in check, growing up almost exclusively with first-generation Asian, Central and South American kids in the San Gabriel Valley, and remembering East LA not as another real estate opportunity, but as a historical community of confluence.

Los Angeles is falling so deeply in love for the first time, and knowing when to leave.


Iris Yirei Hu

P.S. DAVE Gallery is located at 435 South Broadway between 4th and 5th Streets, close to a parking lot on 4th and Broadway.